At Bushmount Nursing Home all our bedrooms are single rooms. We believe that a residents room is their kingdom and we encourage and assist residents to personalise their rooms with their own furniture and personal belongings. At Bushmount we provide specialised equipment a resident needs as the need arises. This includes, but is not limited to mobility aids, specialised beds and mattresses. 

Dining Experience


At Bushmount Nursing home we believe food and the dining experience is a fundamental part of our residents day. All our food is prepared to the highest standard on site by our team of full time chefs and  kitchen staff. Who are led by Head Chef Mick Duignan.

Mealtimes at Bushmount are an important time for our residents, staff work to promote an environment that is relaxed and social. Residents are encouraged to make food choices and mealtimes are always flexible.

We always ensure that we provide a varied and interesting menu with an emphasis on quality local produce and individual care and dietary requirements. All staff are trained on how to provide specialised diets and modified meals.


At Bushmount Nursing Home we believe that  the occupation of our residents is a key component to their happiness and quality of life. All our staff endeavour to ensure our residents enjoy meaningful interactions and activities throughout their day. Group activities are organised throughout the house on a daily basis, with smaller activities organised in sitting rooms on an hour to hour basis. Staff adapt themselves to the hobbies and interests of our residents at any given time.


Bushmount has extensive mature gardens surrounding the home, with an internal garden where residents can enjoy watching the antics of our free range hens, playing bowles and enjoying a stroll. Residents who enjoy gardening are welcomed to assist staff with planting flowers and vegetables.

Religious Services

At Bushmount Nursing home we welcome residents of all denominations and religious beliefs, Ministers are welcomed to visit residents and staff will facilitate and liaise with them at residents request. At Bushmount we have a chapel where mass is celebrated twice weekly