bushmount nursing home


At Bushmount Nursing Home we believe that  the occupation of our residents is a key component to their happiness and quality of life.

We have three activity coordinators at Bushmount. Our activities team and all our staff endeavor to ensure our residents enjoy meaningful interactions and activities throughout their day. Group activities are organized throughout the house six days a week, from 9am to 5pm with smaller activities organized in sitting rooms on an hour to hour basis. Staff adapt themselves to the hobbies and interests of our residents at any given time.


Everyone loves a game of Bingo. Here at Bushmount, we hold weekly bingo games where everyone has the opportunity to participate regardless of their ability. There are lots of great prizes to win.


It is important for everyone to keep active and movement is a great way of doing this. Our weekly exercise sessions involve a range of very gentle movements and light stretches to help keep you active. We also play some games and have sing songs throughout the exercise session. Everyone can participate and we make sure that everyone goes at their own pace. 


Some of the residents highlights in the activity programme are the weekly musical performances. We have a few different performers who play many old favorites and enjoy leading everyone in a sing song. We also bring in guest performers for special events. The residents themselves and staff are more than welcome to perform. 

Beauty Afternoons

Every week we have a dedicated two hours where we like to make our residents feel confident, whether it be painting their nails, styling their hair or doing their make up. 

Pet Therapy

Once a week we are lucky to get a visit from an Irish therapy dog and their owner. They both bring a smile to our resident’s faces. 

Knitting group

Our weekly knitting group is a great way to meet people and have a chat all while taking part in an enjoyable past time. We supply all the materials required and have a range of simple patterns available. Everyone is welcome and if more incentive was needed, tea and cakes are also provided. 

1 to 1 sessions

On admission to Bushmount we meet the residents/families to know each of their likes & dislikes. We then continue to meet the residents on a regular basis, whether it be for a chat, a game or to give them a listening ear. 


Mass takes place every Wednesday and Sunday. We have an in-house priest who runs these services and residents can either choose to attend mass in the chapel or watch a live stream mass on TV. 

Mobile Library

Cork Mobile Library arrives every two weeks on a Tuesday afternoon and the residents have the opportunity to select books that interest them. Many of our residents are avid readers and book club is an enjoyable event that they value. Each person brings a book and we discuss the topic and plot of that book over a cup of tea. We also talk about other novels that we have read or would like to read. 

Sensory based activities

At Bushmount, we like to cover everyone’s interests to the best of their abilities.  We run Dementia based activity sessions on a one-to-one basis. This ranges from music therapy to using sensory therapy. 

Board Games / Card Games / Active Games

At Bushmount, we focus a lot of our time on fun based activities. We have a varied section of board games that we often use. In addition, we have more active games such as velcro darts, skittles, rings and we also create our own games using everyday standard resources.

Language lessons

We thrive to bring more unique options of activities that the residents may enjoy and benefit from. Therefore, we are trying to incorporate beginners French and Spanish classes into the programme although it is not in full swing yet.

Walking Club

Walking Club is an opportunity for our residents to clear their heads and keep their muscles moving. It takes place indoors in the colder and wetter months and outside in the Bushmount gardens when the weather is appropriate. 

Arts and Crafts

Get your creative juices flowing and join in with our weekly art sessions. A variety of different crafts such as painting, flower arranging, baking, pottery, gardening, card making and much more are all part of our crafting sessions.